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CCTV Installation

If you’re delivering a product or service to the public and believe you might be at risk then it might be worthwhile installing surveillance. Of course, CCTV installation isn’t always necessary but on the other hand, the consequences of one crime incident could cost you or your business and the majority of its hard earned assets.

According to the College of Policing (‘The effects of CCTV on Crime’), CCTV has a modest but significantly desirable effect on crime and they therefore, support the continued use of CCTV as crime preventative. However, if you’re still unsure whether this investment is right for you, there are a few things you can think about to help you make the best decision for your home or business. Speak to your aerial installation pwllheli to find out how we can assisit you with this.

Factors to think about:

Location – Crime rates vary by location and this alone could be a huge deciding factor for CCTV installation. Nowadays crime rates can be easily found online. A quick search can tell you about the kind of crime that your area might be susceptible to, whether it’s petty or serious.

Environment – Even in low crime rate areas, there can be pockets where crime is more likely to occur. Are you situated in a public place, where many can come and go as they wish? Carparks for example, are much more likely to attract vehicle-related crimes (‘The effects of CCTV on Crime’). It’s for this reason many will choose to install CCTV in their parking areas as well as directly outside their premises and entry points.

Safety of Staff and Customers – Perhaps your business employs a reasonable amount of staff that might leave during later hours? In this case, your employees would be at a higher risk of being a victim of crime and would benefit from preventative measures.

Stock Onsite – The very nature of your business could be a catalyst for crime. High-value products left unattended overnight or unsupervised during the day is conducive to theft and therefore at higher risk of crime.

How CCTV could benefit you:

CCTV is a deterrent for crime in itself for the simple reason that it increases the risk of a criminal getting caught. Generally, this should create a safer feeling environment for both your employees and customers. You’ll need to be sure to place visible signage up letting them know they are being filmed.

Unknowingly to the criminal you could be watching them live, which means that an arrest could well take place onsite. Alternatively, if you are not and a crime does take place, you will have good evidence to report and prosecute. For insurance purposes, should you ever need to claim, you will have a valid supporting case.

If one or more of the crime risk factors noted above apply to you and your business think about talking to HB Digital today and receiving your free quote. Our friendly and experienced team are able to offer quick installation and training so that you are fully equipped against preventing crime on your premises.

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