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People get CCTV systems installed in their properties in order to make them safer. But what are the exact advantages of getting these comprehensive systems installed in your property? Are they worth the investment? Will I even need it if I have an alarm and strong doors and windows? Well, this article has been written with you in mind, we aim to make the CCTV selection process as easy as possible so you can make a well-informed decision.

The Perfect Deterrent

CCTV acts as a deterrent to crime and increases the chance of arresting those people who carry out crimes. There are many advantages to using CCTV.

How the CCTV cameras work CCTV transmits video through closed-circuit which means that the video recorded cannot be transmitted to an exterior divide. CCTV cameras monitors and recorders are all connected directly to provide some immediate access to security footage. A CCTV camera allows you to watch live streams of whatever the camera is recording. The footage is then sent over to a digital video recorder where it is stored for future reference. CCTV cameras are usually designed to be small and unobtrusive. They can be placed anywhere on the exterior or interior of a building. In the event that you do not want your cameras to be obvious, you can get specially designed small cameras which are inconspicuous, these can be hidden.



Potential criminals can be dissuaded from following through with any planned criminal activity for fear of being caught on tape, leading to serious repercussions, they will move on in search of an easier target.


If a crime does occur, CCTV can provide invaluable evidence towards catching a criminal, so you can seek repercussions and amends for the crime against you. This is especially useful in a situation that lacks witnesses or has unreliable witnesses. Another advantage is that you can monitor the business from anywhere. Technology allows you to access the feed from the CCTV anywhere in the world.

Business Security

Ensuring that your business is secure is important. This is true whether you have been victimised and targeted in the past, or if you just want to be cautious and to keep an eye on things. You might consider that using CCTV is the way forward for your business. CCTV helps to preserve professional and personal crimes by carefully monitoring your properties. You can capture, record and transmit images into storage for later reference. This allows your properties to be watched 24/7.

Disadvantages of CCTV



CCTV can only monitor a limited area, there may be ‘blind spots’ that experienced criminals can exploit to vandalise the cameras in various ways such as sticking something on the lens or spraying it with paint to obscure the vision. They may even be able to move the camera manually.

Privacy Concerns

The general public tends to criticise the privacy issues that are raised, people are concerned that we are living in a ‘surveillance state’ and that everyone is watching you. However you do not need to be recording anything which isn’t in your interest, so it is not necessarily a concern for you.

Wireless System

Wireless systems need a particular frequency for the camera in order to send signals to the receiver and the digital recording unit. Other electric motored products like zircon, fluorescent lighting and cordless telephones can interrupt frequencies which affect the picture quality. In addition to this, wireless systems are subject to distortion in image clarity, you will need experts in audiovisual systems in order to correctly calibrate the system so that this does not happen.

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